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Many of life's occasions are truly special. Your 50th anniversary. Your wedding. The birthday of your husband, or a child. Or a retirement. A bar mitzvah or maybe any day that becomes the perfect time for expressing your love.

Now, say it all with gorgeous, appropriate, original eloquence. Poemstogo will give you beautiful verse - for any occasion with a 15-stanza poem that's tender, evocative, humorous or all of the above. Or a speech, a toast, a talk that stays in their hearts forever.

It's easy. Just give us the particular details that you want to include in your poem, or your speech (our custom questionnaire makes it quick and simple) and we'll do the rest. Learn more right here. POEMSTOGO! - Words from you that they'll never forget. - ORDER NOW!

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'Dear Amy, Thank you for turning around the Maid of Honor poem so quickly. What a huge hit at the wedding it was! I got laughs at some of the references in the poem and by the time I was finished, there was not a dry eye in the house. I can't tell you how many people came up to me and said how touching it was.' Sincerely, Debbie Taylor


'Dear Amy, My Mother has always been the greatest, and I never found a suitable way to thank her for all the things she's done for me over the years. Your birthday poem changed all that! When I read it to my Mom, her eyes welled up and then the tears started to roll down her cheecks. She kept saying over and again, "this is a birthday to remember." She took that poem and framed it beautifully. Now it's hanging in her living room. I'm just thrilled for her,and I'm overjoyed for this gift. Thank you so much' Sylvia McNair


'Dear Amy, Arlene has been the best wife a guy could have. I always knew it, and I always wanted her to know how much I appreciate what her love has meant to me. When I found "Poems To Go", I knew I found a great way to give my wife the attention she deserves. You only have one 50th wedding anniversary (if you're lucky) in this life, and your poem made this one the very best anniversary of all. Thank you for your poem. It meant the world to my wife ...and that means the world to me.'Sincerely, Edgar Bernstein


'Hi Amy: Thank you so much for that "Poems To Go" valentine poem. When I read it to Barbara I knew she was captivated. All that stuff in the poem... personalized so it HAD to be just from me to her. I tell you, it swept her off her feet. It was perfect. We laughed...and then she cried (OK, I guess I cried a little bit, too). Thanks again, Amy. You made a perfect "cupid" for us!' Sincerely, Bill Oleckman


'Dear Amy, The occasion of our son Barry's bar mitzvah was most important to us. We wanted to make sure that the occasion was measured with something to last beyond the reception and the same old kind words. Finding "Poems To Go" made all the difference. My husband and I could hardly wait to read your poem to Barry. When we did, in front of all our guests, including all of Barry's friends, there wasn't a dry eye in the place. Really, this was a bar mitzvah to behold. And your poem - magic. Thank you.' Jeanette Goldman, Livingston, New Jersey